24 Hour Phone Answering Services

24 Hour Phone Answering Service can easily be provided to your business or company by Answering Adelaide. This supports 24/7 operations and businesses that need overflow phone answering capability. It can be made available to your business within 24 hours, once you have accepted our quote.

How 24X7 Hour Phone Answering Works? 

Your customer or lead phones in to your nominated phone number and we answer as your business representative ( virtual reception or customer service ) .

Answering Adelaide records the required information and then can either send these details immediately or as a summary report at a nominated time ( eg. 4:30pm at the end of the business day ) to your nominated email address or mobile phone if requested via SMS text message.

Alternatively we can submit the customer enquiry straight into your core customer service system. 

With this business hours answering service we act like your own resource for managing inbound customer enquiries and requests. 

For each of these services Answering Adelaide designs the workflow to meet your exact requirements. 

Each of these services (email, SMS and frequency) have different prices. 

For a quote Contact Us now or make an enquiry using the form on this page.   



  • Australia Wide
  • SA South Australia
  • NSW New South Wales
  • VIC Victoria
  • QLD Queensland
  • WA Western Australia
  • ACT Australian Capital Territory
  • TAS Tasmania
  • NT Northern Territory

Types of Businesses Supported

  • Government - State Government, Federal Government, Local Government and Councils
  • Business - Small business, Medium Business, Corporate
  • Not For Profit - NFP, NGO, Charity, Charities

Is your city one of these? Then we can support you.

Sydney . Melbourne . Adelaide . Brisbane . Perth . Canberra . Hobart . Darwin . 

Wollongong . Newcastle . Townsville . Cairns . Geelong . Ballarat . Bendigo . Mt Gambier . Whyalla . Fremantle . Bunbury .

And many more locations around Australia - contact us to see if we can help you.